Data And The Roles Around It!

The digital era resulted in consumers gradually moving towards online transacting. The advent of COVID-19 further accelerated the move to online thereby curbing the number of physical (in store) transactions and the subsequent growth of online activities such as banking, shopping, and general communication. This came with advantages for businesses as this move “ to […]

Cutting-Edge Technology That Armies Are Inventing And Employing Could Be Of Use In Building Your Business Strategy

Throughout history, technology has been the primary source of military innovation and current capabilities are undergoing considerable changes. Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning, Robotics, and the Internet of Military Things (IoMT) are all major trends in defence operations and military effectiveness. Now, let™s explore three cutting-edge technologies that armies are inventing and employing, as well […]

Our Lessons As Data Scientists: A Data Scientists World View (Part B)

How to enable information efficiency on the go with the use of data science teams Having Started setting-up regular chats with various business units to understand their current process and where we could add value, these provided a marketing opportunity for our small and nimble team with a cross-functional capability. Machine Learning is not required […]