Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Healthcare and Medicine

The healthcare system is rapidly evolving and is no longer bound by the constraints of human intelligence and decision making. In the healthcare system, artificial intelligence (AI) has been identified as a tool, which can save time and subsequently speed up medical assistance. AI is used is used as a tool to diagnose various ailments […]

AI for Employee Hiring

Recruitment is a process that organizations embark on to find, and ultimately hire, the best and most suitable candidate for a job opening. A recruitment process is deemed efficient if it is timely and cost-effective. Traditionally, organizations used word of mouth, referrals, hiring agencies and most recently social media for the purpose of recruitment all […]

AI a tool for Employee Professional Development

Researchers of human resources have investigated the trends within the workforce. One research looks at the workforce from an age group vs behaviour perspective. The reports have revealed that there is a correlation between the patterns of behaviour and the generation group. These behaviours include conduct in the workplace but also factors that retain a […]

AI is the Solution for Employee Turnover

Employers have noted staggering growths in employee turnover statistics in 2022. While the growth has been gradual over the years, reports suggest that there has been a rapid increase over the past five years. According to statistics published by ‘Shortlister’, at least one-third of new employees quit after six months on the job. This results […]

AI For Employee Engagement

Employee engagement changes in response to an ever-changing world, as the workforce’s generations evolve, so do: the trends, tools, and strategies used to engage, keep and assess employee engagement levels. Engaged employees, without a doubt, work the hardest, stay in their jobs the longest, and make significant contributions to their company™s bottom line. Younger generations […]

Applications Of AI In People Management

Let’s start by outlining some fundamental points about managing people. Managing people or human resources (HR) management as we commonly know it, is a complex and demanding task and data science initiatives are equally destined to be challenged if you approach this solely from that perspective. Although intelligent data metrics undoubtedly provide employers with useful […]

Cutting-Edge Technology That Armies Are Inventing And Employing Could Be Of Use In Building Your Business Strategy

Throughout history, technology has been the primary source of military innovation and current capabilities are undergoing considerable changes. Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning, Robotics, and the Internet of Military Things (IoMT) are all major trends in defence operations and military effectiveness. Now, let™s explore three cutting-edge technologies that armies are inventing and employing, as well […]